About me

I am a ex-pat Scot settled in Australia with my young family. Very much a family man, what get's me up at the crack of dawn is my 5yr old daughter or a solid training run/ride before making the family a heart Scottish porridge.

What keeps me up a night? A passion for the environment, a healthy reading habit and some hands-on creativity.

During the day I'm kept busy managing my online travel agency Australian Online Tour Bookings, fulfilling a Senior Designer capacity as co-founder at DelaneyDavidson alongside a full-time Marketing Manager role for the 200+ employee, multi-venue, swiss army knife entity that is the Hervey Bay Boat Club Group.

I've been in the creative communication game for 15yrs and managing and developing tourism products for 5yrs. Whilst my key talents lie in design and art direction I stand apart in problem solving and truly grasping and translating stakeholder priorities. 

From Scotland to Australia

After growing up in the remote Scottish Hebrides I studied in England before following love to Australia in 2010 after meeting my Australian partner Maddie in Edinburgh before moving to Newcastle, NSW.